When I was younger, so much younger than today?

It dawns on me that I don?t get up to as many capers and high jinks as I used to in my distant youth. I?m more responsible, I only drink one night a week, I have hobbies, and I try and look after my money. Let?s face it I?m turning into an old person.

It seems that I can now draw a line between being young and now (I?m only 24!) I used to wonder what age it was that this started to happen to ?young? people, at what age did things start to change? Now I know?..my age!

I no longer use the phrase ?when I?m older? as it seems that time seems to be moving quickly, and another year has past.

I do sometimes long for the escapades of past and I suppose the only real thing stopping me is responsibility. I have to go to work, I have commitments outside of work, and it seems I don?t have enough time to do everything. The obvious solution would be to not work but this isn?t viable as I need to pay for certain things like shelter, food, and the luxuries that I?ve been accustomed to.

So there we go responsibility is to blame. It?s true. But one can?t lead their lives without experiencing responsibility so the extra effort has to be made to find time and organise these escapades.

So farewell impromptu experiences, hello planned fun.

It?s a bit harder to plan things than just go and do it but it?s the only real way that I?ll get to do more ?fun? things. Everyone has these timetables of responsibilities and it?s hard work finding when everyone has these ?windows? in their diaries for participation in fun.

I?ll keep you updated on any developments in the ?trying to stay young? plans. If all fails I?ll keep working so I ?m able to fund my mid-life crisis and afford that sports car and the fit secretary to have an affair with!

If anyone?s got any suggestions of fun group activities (not swinging) then please leave a comment.

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