May, 2005

May 27th, 2005RandomAdem 1 Comments

As promised here are a few pictures from the Cricket last weekend. I left my camera in someone?s car and only picked it up today. I?m off on a Stag-Do this weekend in Bournemouth so expect no new posts for a bit. Chao

May 23rd, 2005RandomAdem 1 Comments

Check out these sandstorm pictures from Iraq. I think I?d cack my pants?.not only would I be in Iraq but there?d be a sandstorm to rub it in.

May 23rd, 2005RandomAdem 0 Comments

It?s monday, and I?m back at work. I had a fairly low-key weekend but did get to play a spot of cricket on Saturday. It was a 6-aside tournament comprising of 6 teams and our team came 2nd and I got a silver medal! It was a fun day and keeping in spirit with that [...]

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