September, 2005

September 17th, 2005RandomAdem 1 Comments

One of the stupidest things I?ve ever done (a continuing theme) Date: 9/1/05 location: Dlouha Hostel, Prague, Czech Republic After a very drunken Saturday Night, now Sunday morning, of visiting bars and strip clubs I returned back to the hostel with Ian and Tom B, whilst Jonny, Matt, and Danny went to investigate the lower [...]

September 16th, 2005RandomAdem 3 Comments

I?ve just got home from the pub quiz, which my team won!!!!! It was made even better because we saved our ?Joker? till the last round?brilliant. The prize was a bit crap though, 25% of a meal at the pub, but I shouldn?t complain as I also won a prize in the raffle??.an out-of-date e#bottle [...]

September 15th, 2005RandomAdem 10 Comments

Here?s a bit of history for you?. 1980 ? Born in London (December) 1980/1984 ? Lived in Sidcup till the age of 3. 1984/1986 ? Moved to Doha, Qatar, till the age of 5. 1986 ? Returned to England to live in Ramsgate, Kent. 1999 ? Moved to Chichester age 18 to study at University. [...]

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