September, 2006

September 12th, 2006RandomAdem 1 Comments

I watched Kung Fu Hustle last night when I got home from work, and I must say I enjoyed it. I was tired and so was almost tempted to bung on the English voice-overs but I resisted and stuck to subtitles, which was much better.I was very impressed with the stylistic directing and also the [...]

September 11th, 2006RandomAdem 4 Comments

On Friday I went on a First Aid Course and I have to say I actually enjoyed it! This type of course is just a half-day course and by the end of it I should be able to: State the role of the appointed person Carry out a primary survey of a casualty To place [...]

September 9th, 2006RandomAdem 1 Comments

There?s a bit hype going on about ?Snakes on a Plane?, most of all being the plot summary of the title, no guessing really what it?s going to be about. Apparently it went through quite a few studios and finally got Samuel L Jackson onboard, who said he?d leave if they changed the title [which [...]

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