Flickr Backup ? A Java Download Utility for Flickr

Flickr, the photo management and sharing application, encourages people to write their own programmes for it by releasing an API, and this openness and the fact that people love Flickr has led to quite a few useful developments

I?ve been using Flickr for a couple of years now, and currently have 4000 photos hosted there, and while it?s pretty easy to upload photos, it?s very hard and time-consuming to download your photos,with the only official route currently being to download each photo individually, and this is where Flickr Backup comes in.

Flickr Backup is a utility that allows you to download the pictures you have uploaded to Flickr back down to your computer for personal backup or restore.

Flickr Backup is an open-source project, and is also OS independent so you can install it on your Mac or PC, and as such proves to be very useful for all Flickr users.

Downloads can be found here, and once unzipped a simple *.exe is just a ?double-click? away from launching the programme. On it?s first run a window opens up in the web browser and a pop-up will ask for your permission to access you photos, which involves logging into your Flickr account and clicking the immediate prompt. The Flickr Backup interface is very simple with the options to backup any photos by ticking individual thumbnails or selecting preferred ?sets?. The selected files can then be backed up as individual files and folders or as compressed *.zip files, and these in-turn can be saved to your hard-drive or directly to a CD or DVD.




All in all, Flickr Backup is a very good tool.

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3 Responses to Flickr Backup ? A Java Download Utility for Flickr

  1. Stef says:

    What a fucking superb find! I?ve been wailing and gnashing teeth when it comes to keeping a copy of everything on Flickr. I owe you a beer or three for digging this gem out!

  2. Adem says:

    Yeah this could be very useful as we all know we should backup regularly, and I personally have all the original photos on my hard-drive as well as my flickr account, but I think I?ll be burning a copy of my photos onto DVD and keeping that somewhere ?just in case? flickr breaks and my computer blows up!

  3. weehaggis says:

    Never even thought about downloading my photos from flickr back to a PC, but now you?ve mentioned it this tools sounds really useful and I?m surprised there is no ?official? solution for this.


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