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Most of the students have finished for the year and have gone home so it means I’ve got a bit more time to spare. Yes, I’m still at work during the days, and at the moment I’m planning things for Freshers Week and thinking of things to buy with the remainder of my years budget, but it does mean my evenings are free and so I’ve got another website in the pipeline.

It’s not really my website though but I’m helping my towns football club, Ramsgate FC, with their website. They already have one, Ramsgate-FC.co.uk, and the guy who runs that also runs my local Sunday League’s site, TSFL.org, but he was impressed with the site I run for Preston Hellings, the team I play for, and asked for my help.

The Preston site runs on e107 CMS and is probably one of the more active Sunday League football sites out there, partly because I’m heavily involved with the club, and partly because most of the players visit the site daily and contribute on the forum.

I set the site up over a year ago, and some of the graphics are looking a little dated so some time over summer I’ll be giving it a spring clean, creating a new skin, editing some of the pages, and adding some new features which will reinvigorate it for the new season.

Anyway, back to the Ramsgate site. They want to use the e107 system and will write their own content but need my help with the layout, templates, plugins etc, which should mean that I’ll have a primary involvement with the site but once it’s been set up then I can leave it in safe hands and not have to have any more involvement which is nice as I know that they will look after it.

Hopefully the new site will mean that more people will get involved with the club and I’ll be doing my little bit for the community. I’ll keep you posted on this although it will probably be sometime over summer that it’ll all be finished.

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