Customising the WordPress Login Screen

Whilst over at TCRA (a blog I?ve discovered through Aidan)I came across this interesting post which pointed me towards and a post about customising the WordPress Login Screen. The original screen looks like this:
Wordpress Login Screen Old
It?s a pretty cool screen given that?s it?s a default image but when I found out how easy it was to customise it for individual blogs then I had to give it a go.
Wordpress Login Screen New
Because I?m the only one that?s ever going to see this I only spent 5 minutes on it this evening replacing two gif files in the admin/images directory but it?s still nice to add the personal touch.

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3 Responses to Customising the WordPress Login Screen

  1. Aidan L says:

    Thanks for the link ;-) .

    I really like your customization, it looks really cool. I actually haven?t got round to doing mine yet? But if/when I do I will be sure to blog about it :-) .

  2. Threelight says:

    I?m a WordPress user too. I?ll have a look at that?

  3. Ayush Saran says:

    Just to let you know theres an update to the customize wordpress login post , it now has links to the orignal PSD files and a plugin by Ben at so you dont have to overwrite core files to change the login screen


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