November, 2007

November 29th, 2007Local News, PhotographyAdem 4 Comments

On the front page of the BBC website there is a banner advertising their TV programme ?The Genius of Photography?, and so I clicked on it to have a look around and came across a photo called ?Ramsgate? by Tony Ray Jones, Ramsgate is of course the town where I live and where I grew-up. [...]

November 28th, 2007Health & FitnessAdem 7 Comments

A few weeks back I lost a filling in my tooth, and as I was in no pain I thought I?d leave it for the moment as I knew I had to make an appointment to have a check-up anyway. Obviously I forgot to book the check-up, and then on Monday afternoon I came down [...]

November 26th, 2007RandomAdem 2 Comments

I took Friday off work as holiday and instead of going somewhere special or relaxing, I spent the day and the weekend decorating my lounge and realising that I own a huge amount of crap (not literally of course.) My room is now white and whilst most of the painting has been done, I?ve still [...]

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