October, 2009

October 20th, 2009Blog, The WebAdem 2 Comments

So I just spent an hour downloading new themes and trying them out on the blog but in the end I?ve just reverted back to this one because it was easier. I couldn?t be bothered doing too much work, configuring plugins, changing graphics, worrying about other problems and so it was easier to leave things [...]

October 15th, 2009PoliticsAdem 1 Comments

BNP to consider non-white members.

October 14th, 2009Buying Stuff, The WebAdem 0 Comments

Do you need some cheap glasses? SelectSpecs are doing a limited offer of glasses for £5 + £3.50 postage. There?s 30 types of frames available so why not give it a try. I?ve just ordered a pair and as a bonus all the specs are UV Protected, Scratch Resistant, and also have Anti-Reflection, which to [...]

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