Is this the new ship for Euroferries?

Following the news a couple of weeks ago that Fred Olsen had decided not to lease the Bonanza Express to Euroferries it has left them without a vessel for their Ramsgate/Boulogne service which is still taking bookings for 1st March 2010.

There has been some chatter on the bfenthusiasts forum with regard to the old Speed One ferry now called Sea Leopard and you can follow the whereabouts of the Sea Leopard by using this handy link:

Of course this is all speculation, but now that we can?t talk about the Bonanza Express anymore it?s good to talk about something! If you want to know more about the Sea Leopard (including photos) then click here.

Don?t forget that on Monday 8th Feb Euroferries are featured on BBC1?s ?Inside Out? programme at 7:30pm. For those of you not in the South-East region you can also see the programme on SKY channel 983.

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2 Responses to Is this the new ship for Euroferries?

  1. Serge Moulins says:

    Interesting! Odd, isn?t it, that Euroferries still style themselves ?the leading fast ferry operator on the Channel.? I would have thought one would need to run ferries to make that claim.

  2. Serge Moulins says:

    Went for a wander round the port at Boulogne yesterday, and the security guys there say no way will Euroferries be landing there next Monday. The company is still taking bookings online, but now only from 18 March 2010. But it would be a brave person who books with them given Euroferries? four year history of false starts ? first from Dover and over the last year from Ramsgate.

    It is disturbing that for many weeks now they just have a answerphone message on their UK phone number. It is almost as if this company does not really want business. The phone message says that all lines are busy, but that message is just a cover. It is the same whatever day you call, whatever time of day too. So clearly they are being very dedicated about not answering the phone.

    I am very pleased to hear the news that LD Lines will debut at Ramsgate next month. They have served Boulogne well. Just a pity they will only offer Ramsgate to Oostende rather than a Ramsgate to Boulogne route.



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