Cycling to work ? an update

The other week I wrote about how I?d been cycling to work as part of my Targets for 2010 and I thought I?d give you an update.  Last week I didn?t cycle at all, but this week I have so far cycled in twice, which I think makes up for missing out on last week as my aim was to ?Cycle to work at least once a week?.

Here are dates so far that I?ve cycled to work:

  • 18th January 2010 (4.8 miles)
  • 19th January 2010 (6.3 miles)
  • 20th January 2010 (4.8 miles)
  • 2nd February 2010 (6.3 miles)
  • 3rd February 2010 (4.8 miles)

n.b. The days with 6.3 miles are when I cycle to 5-aside football after work which takes me on a detour.

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  1. Lisa Emms says:

    Got to return Mum?s car to her, when she gets back from her holiday. So looks like I will be cycling to work too.. Guess its good for me.. but hope it warms up a bit soon.
    Lisa Emms´s last blog ..Tom Thumb Theatre


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