Cycling to work ? an update

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The other week I wrote about how I?d been cycling to work as part of my Targets for 2010 and I thought I?d give you an update. Last week I didn?t cycle at all, but this week I have so far cycled in twice, which I think makes up for ?

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3 February 2010 1 comment

Cycling to work

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Now that the snow has gone, my ankles are feeling much better, and my car is at the mechanics, it has been a good time to get one of my ?Targets for 2010? started this week and that is No.4: Cycle to work at least once a week?

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19 January 2010 2 comments

New exercise regime

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Looking back, the amount of exercise I do has dropped down drastically over the last six months (and even that wasn?t a lot) and so I?m going to blog about my exercise in a bid to shame me and hopefully force me to at least do something instead of just ?

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8 March 2009 3 comments

London to Brighton Bike Ride

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My sister is doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride on Sunday and is trying to get more sponsors so I thought I?d put a plea onto the blog as you never know who might be reading. She?s raising money for the British Heart Foundation and will be cycling 54 ?

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15 June 2007 3 comments
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