Permanent break from the blog?

Well it looks like this break away from blogging is pretty permanent and I guess this is in part to doing lots of other things and not really feeling the need to share it all.

Whilst my blogging has suffered I have been tweeting a lot more and I guess micro-blogging suits me a lot more at this current time. I have taken extending breaks from this blog before but this one does seem a lot more permanent although I?ve not said ?The End? yet. The blog has just had its 6th Birthday which is fairly substantial but if you want to keep up with me then follow me on .

I hope you?re all fine too and I?ll see you around.

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One Response to Permanent break from the blog?

  1. Aravis says:

    I hope it?s not forever, but understand if it is. Already follow your tweets, and of course will continue to do so. See you there!


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