March, 2011

What am I going to blog about?

March 3rd, 2011BlogAdem 1 Comments

photo credit: Laughing Squid Now that I?ve decided to get back to blogging it seems that I?ve immediately hit a wall that is familiar to every blogger, and that is what to blog about. I don?t want to blog about just anything and would ideally like each blog to actually be of use and so [...]

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Why I?ve been tempted back to blogging

March 2nd, 2011BlogAdem 3 Comments

photo credit: Trois Tętes (TT) I?ve been sorely tempted to get back into blogging on this site again, purely for the reason that I log in every so often to have a peek at the visitor numbers and they have been steadily dropping which is no surprise considering the lack of new posts. I don?t [...]

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