My latest tweet: What I've learned after getting punished by Google

June 7th, 2011BlogAdem 1 Comments

It?s been 7 Years and 28 Days since I set up this blog and I?m celebrating this with my 2000th post. *Bells and Whistles*

A lot has changed in that time, and although I?ve ?quit? blogging several times in the past I?ve always come back. OK so I don?t keep it updated much any more and I don?t post much personal info as I did in the beginning, but it?s still here along with a massive archive and lots of memories.

There?s not much more to add than that?

'One Response to ?It all started 7 years ago??'
  1. Aravis says:

    Congratulations Adem! It?s been lovely knowing you for many of those years. :0)