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August 3rd, 2011New House, RamsgateAdem 0 Comments

It’s been a very hectic month and this has mostly been in part to the fact that I’ve just sold my house which I bought in March 2009. Regular readers and friends may remember that it needed a lot of work done to it and I even made a video to show how bad a state it was in:

It was a great first house for me but the time came to sell it as I want to buy somewhere with my fiancee and after many viewings someone decided to buy it for a bargain price. It’s quite a tricky time to sell a house with the few buyers around wanted to pay as little as possible. I’ve done fine though as I bought the house cheap and although I won’t be making much profit, I won’t be making any losses so I can’t complain.

I was a little sad today though as I said goodbye to he house for one last time, checked all the rooms to make sure I hadn’t left anything, and then I locked up and that was that. The end of an era.

I’ve got good memories of the place though and I thought it was fitting that I made another video to document the changes from when I first bought it:

The end.

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