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In a couple of days I will be publishing my September Income Report and you will be able to see how I was effected by the rankings drop for my main niche site. It looks like it may take a very long time, and lots of effort to correct the problems with the site, and time is something I have had very little of recently. If you Google ‘minus 60 penalty’ then you will understand what has happened to the site, but life is about learning and so I’ve not been too down about it and know what to do and what not to do in the future.

July Income Chart

July's income spread

10 Sites by 2012?
So for the moment the focus is on extending the number of sites I have and I think that this may be the best way to increase my monthly income. I touched on the point before that I had all of my eggs in one basket and that I needed to spread my dependence over more sites. The fact is that any site can take a hit from Google in their rankings for a variety of reasons, so don’t leave yourself vulnerable. I currently have 3 niche sites earning money and by the end of the year I would like to have 10 sites up and running with each contributing to my AdSense earnings.

More domains

I bought a new domain this month but have yet to add any content to it so at the moment it’s just sitting their waiting for me to do something with it. I personally don’t think it’s amazingly hard to find new niche site topics but you have to ask yourself whether you can add anything new to that area and whether you have the time to get the site to rank. There are plenty of tools out there for keyword research and stats, and if you think there is an opening then just buy the domain. That’s the simple part and only costs a few quid. The hardest part is writing new quality content, but from then on it’s just a case of waiting for the visitors to start coming and clicking.


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