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October 25th, 2011Money, Niche Sites, The WebAdem 9 Comments

1 site or 10? Decisions to be made.I am still in a quandry as to whether I should focus on one large authority niche site or 10 smaller niche sites, and my viewpoint seems to change everyday. There are pros and cons to both and as I?m less than 6 months into my niche site adventure I have plenty of experimenting left to do.

The Pros & Cons

With a single authority site I can focus my efforts into one subject including articles, SEO, promotion, etc and this should mean larger traffic and more revenue, but, and there always is a but, if the site is a failure then I have put all my eggs in one basket and I have zero income from 100% effort. But the possibility of large profits are there if I succeed.

10 smaller sites, which I?ve mentioned as my aim before, means diversifaction, with sites spread over a wide variety of niches. These sites will have less content, take less time to manage, but still include the same amount of effort into SEO. The benefit is that whilst each site will earn a smaller amount of revenue, if some are failures, or have a rankings drop, then I still have some revenue and still have the successful sites to focus on. Less content and smaller niches mean that I will have less traffic and less keywords to link back to though. Profits will be smaller but the more sites I hav, the more I could earn.

Is it all about the money?

Do I want to create sites just to earn money, with content written solely for the aim of getting clicks, or do I want to write websites that people will actually find useful?

Security Guard Training HQ ScreengrabIf I?m being true to myself then money is secondary to creating useful sites and I think I?ve got some important decisions to be made. I hate crappy websites, with poor navigation, and loaded with adverts so why am I creating them? A lot of blogs say this is the way to go, but I?ve seen a lot of great looking and useful niche sites that are making money without making massive compromises. Security Guard Training HQ by Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income blog is a great example of how to create a successful niche site and if you read his blog you will get a lot of useful information about how he created the Security Guard Training site. The site looks professional and I would trust virtually everything I read on it. This is how all my sites should be.

The Solution?

The best compromise is trying to make ALL your sites authority sites, with great design, and useful content. This will mean going back to basics for me and going through all my niche sites and deciding which ones warrant the most attention and perhaps starting from scratch. Google will be providing the majority of the search engine traffic so it?s wise to read into the which are split into Design and Content guidelines, Technical guidelines, and Quality guidelines. If you can follow all these rules then you should be on the way to having a site that not only your readers love, but that Google also loves, and more content, means more keywords being indexed, and means the chance for more visitors and more revenue. If there is any justice (and you?ve picked the right niche) then a useful site will succeed.

Let?s start from the beginning

So it?s back to the start for me, and let?s see if we can get back to the kind of earnings I was making before I got distracted and lost my way. To answer the question in the title of the blog, I will have 10 sites, but I will treat them all as if they were the only site I had.

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  1. Martin says:

    I?m having similar thoughts myself dude.
    As you know I?m just getting into building niche sites myself, and having some fun with it. Started getting a small flow of money coming in now, but I can?t help thinking that this isn?t a sustainable business model. I can see how it?s possible to expand and obviously bring in more money with 10 more sites, but with the google updates causing mayhem on such a regular basis you run the risk of having your income chopped in half (or tanked all together!) at any time.

    I?m sitting down tonight to draw up a plan of action and determine where a want to focus my efforts while minimizing the risk of google hurting my income stream!

    Good luck bro.

    • Adem says:

      I?m creating good sites with plenty of relevant and useful content, with good design and navigation, and if Google decides to rank spammy sites higher than mine, or give my site a rankings-drop then I will have to take a look back and consider if it?s all worth the time and effort.

      I?m hoping though that Google sorts itself out and starts ranking based on quality and originality as there?s a lot of spun/nonsensical sites out there who are ranking high but bringing nothing useful to the table.

      I?m sure it?ll all work out in the end though, and I?d rather have websites I?m happy to promote rather than have ones I?m ashamed of.

      Time for an update on your blog methinks to let us all know how it?s going.
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      • Martin says:

        Tell me about it mate? I?ve definitely been neglecting the blog ? that?ll have to be factored into my plans tonight!


  2. mike says:

    I think it?s good to experiment. Authority sites are great, but it is so time consuming to create all of the content (unless you pay for it all).

    My best site over the past year, has very little content. It has lots of pages, but most of them are product pages.. very little written content ? yet I?ve stayed around #1 ? #4 in google for my keywords and its made me the most money on adsense over the past year or 2.

    Just dont get carried away. I tend to lose focus and get ideas for new sites, before I?ve finished other sites completely.. And I?m left with a handful of really good sites, and then about 20-30 partially completed niche sites, or sites with no backlinks, etc. I really need to focus on cleaning up some older sites and driving some traffic to them.

    Good luck.
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    • Adem says:

      As all my content is personally researched and written so it?s going to be a slow process, but should hopefully be worth it.

      I do my have site where I haven?t updated for months but it?s doing quite well simply due to a good domain match and some ok content. I will go back to it though and see if design tweeks etc can make it better and improve the user experience.

      I?ve been buying a few domains recently, and at £3 a year they?re not a bad investment as hopefully I will find the time to do some work on them, but at least I have the domains and no one else has! ;)
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  3. What I tend to do is do the research on a heap of niches, pick a couple and work on them:

    1. if I get average results I leave them to settle and focus on new sites
    2. if they produce good results I keep working on them while starting new sites
    3. if they produce great results I make them a focus and limit my time on new sites.

    Not all sites are going to be big hits, even if they seem to all have similar research info. By building many small sites, it allows you to test 10 niches and see which ones naturally take off.

    You can then either sell off the smaller sites, or keep them as littler earners.

    That?s what I do anyway :)
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    • Adem says:

      Those are good ways of assessing your time on sites and is what I need to do. At the moment I?m making a site and then looking to move on when I probably haven?t put as much effort in as I should be.

      I?m gong back over my current site and seeing how I can improve them and also seeing if I can squeeze more revenue out of them.
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  4. Lord Matt says:

    From what I understand of the ?big? pro-bloggers they take on one niche at a time. The formula sees to be to plan for several and maintain what you have while establishing one or two new ones. Well established blogs can coast somewhat on guest posts and (if the blog get?s enough income) paid writers.
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    • Adem says:

      I?m well away from the pro-bloggers and I?ve also seen ones who will create 30 sites a month simply because they can outsource the content and creation. Because they have more capital they can do this and play the number game knowing that a percentage will come good.

      I?m aiming to concentrate on one site at a time, but have a couple more on the backburner and set up so that I can start on them asap.

      Cheers for popping along.
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