My latest tweet: This ceremony is going on a while and I should be in bed to get my beauty sleep as I'm getting married in 13 hours!!!

July 24th, 2012Life, Niche SitesAdem 8 Comments

On Saturday 28th I’ll be getting married and then on Monday I’ll be jetting off to Bali for 2 weeks, and you can bet that I won’t be doing any work on my niches sites during that time, not that I’m doing much at the moment anyway, but you know what? I’ll still be earning without even lifting a finger!

That’s what I love about the way I’m earning money online. At the moment sites are ranking okay and I’m earning 3/4 of my revenue through AdSense and 1/4 through Amazon and even though I won’t be putting any effort into them they are still ranking well for the moment, still getting visitors, and still earning me around Ģ600 a month (before tax). I expect that figure to drop over Summer as people are out and about, enjoying the sun, enjoying the Olympics, but who care’s? I’ll be off enjoying myself and when I get back from Bali I’ll check to see how I’ve done.

Authority Site

I can reveal that I finally settled on a subject for my ‘authority’ site and that is ‘gadgets’. I’m not revealing the site yet as I only have one article on there at the moment and need to get a few more before the launch, and from then on I’ll be encouraging readers to share, like, tweet, and link to the website as that’s the way it will grow. Gadgets is a competitive market but I think I’ve got a good enough slant on it to offer something different. I won’t be ranking for an Exact Match Domain (EMD), and can’t rely on ranking this site how I do for the niche sites, so it will be telling if this will be a success.

Watch this space… but only after I’m back from honeymoon!


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  1. Joe says:

    Congratulations dude!

    Glad to hear you have your authority site sorted. Mine is progressing quite slowly but at least it is up and running now.

    Have a great honeymoon.
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    • Adem says:

      Cheers. I’ve had no time to write content for the authority site but when I get back from honeymoon I’ve got another week off work so will try and get the ball rolling then. Good luck with your authority site. I think slow and steady is the way to go with them as they won’t be as instant as niche sites but hopefully Google will like them.
      Ademīs last post ..I’m getting Married

  2. Mansoor says:

    Congratulations Mate!! you chose Olympic day to get married.. well as long as you are not in London. My new authority site will also be on gadgets lol

    Mansoorīs last post ..A Big Thank you and

    • Adem says:

      I applied for Olympics Tickets ages ago before we had booked our honeymoon but I didn’t get any so we’re jetting off and missing the whole thing! I reckon my memories of my wedding and honeymoon will be with me a lot longer than the Olympics will though.

      Good luck with the Gadgets site too!

  3. Aravis says:

    Congratulations to you both! Hope your wedding is all that you dreamed of, and that your honeymoon is even more so. :0)
    Aravisīs last post ..Absolute Best of the Bad

  4. Gary says:

    All the best for Saturday mate, hope you have a great day, enjoy every minute and have a relaxing time in Bali. We went to Bali as part of our honeymoon and it was amazing.

    I’ve still yet to decide on an Authority site. I’m trying to clear down what I’ve got so that I can focus a bit more.

    • Adem says:

      Cheers Gary. We both can’t wait to get married, but actually we’re looking forward to getting away the most!

      I have been having a spring clean, getting rid of some domains, deleting old websites, and now I have about 5 I am paying attention to and then the authority site hopefully. Good luck on deciding which way to go for your authority site.
      Ademīs last post ..I’m getting Married