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Euroferries will be the subject of an ‘Inside Out’ report to be broadcast on BBC1 on Monday 8th February @ 7:30pm and it will have a contribution from local author Jane Wenham-Jones, who you will remember wrote the article ‘Ferry blog threat not exactly a PR triumph’ (online article here originally published 20/11/09).

Jane wrote this article after another delay to the proposed Ramsgate-Boulogne ferry service along with legal threats to local bloggers (myself and ECR) so if you haven’t read the article then I’d recommend it to you, and also make sure you tune in to ‘Inside Out’.

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  1. […] forget that on Monday 8th Feb Euroferries are featured on BBC1’s  ‘Inside Out’ programme at 7:30pm. For those of you not in the South-East region you can also see the programme […]

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