August, 2005

August 12th, 2005RandomAdem 5 Comments

I?m working at the pub again today, this time from 3pm-7pm, and then I?m off out to the last night of Broadstairs Folk Week. To satisfy my ample food requirements I decided to go to Pizza Hut after I had finished my other job, and indulge in the Buffet Lunch which is basically an ? [...]

August 11th, 2005RandomAdem 3 Comments

I?ve just got home from work at the pub, doing a 4pm-9pm shift to get a bit of extra pocket money, and something really pissed me off today. I was behind the bar and I wandered into a conversation several of the locals were having, well one of the locals was giving his view, and [...]

August 10th, 2005RandomAdem 4 Comments

FUCKERS! I?d just writen a long post and there was an electricity surge which turned the PC off! and the Recover Post thingy didn?t work! FUCKERS!

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