October, 2005

October 12th, 2005RandomAdem 2 Comments

Isn?t life strange? In the last post I was lamenting lost friends and aquaintances and was wishing to get back in contact with a lot of people. Well yesterday I got an email in my inbox from Mike, who was Vice-President of the Students? Union when I was a fresher, and also ran the bar [...]

October 10th, 2005RandomAdem 4 Comments

I?ve just got back from my weekend jollies away visiting friends. I left Ramsgate at around 2pm on Friday and got back at 9pm on Sunday so I had a pretty long break away, the whole weekend virtually. My first port of call was Chichester. My friend Sam is the Bars and Entertainments Manager at [...]

October 5th, 2005RandomAdem 13 Comments

SwissToni has been telling us all about how terrible certain days of the week are?.but now we get to one of my favourites?Wednesday. It is the day that divides the working week and from now on all I?m doing is thinking about the weekend. So what?s so special about this weekend? Well I?ll be going [...]

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