November, 2005

November 20th, 2005RandomAdem 1 Comments

England 19-23 New Zealand Damn it. We went up the pub at 2:30pm to watch the rugby?.and stayed out till the pubs shut, so a fair bit of alcohol was consumed?and I?ve got to go to footy in an hour! We made a detour from out normal pub route and actually visited a pub that?s [...]

November 18th, 2005RandomAdem 3 Comments

When you are registering a domain check to see if they can be read differently. (borrowed from THE RAW FEED) Who Represents? ? Experts Exchange ? Pen Island ? Therapist Finder ? Mole Station Nursery ? Power-Gen Italia ? A few dodgy choices there.

November 18th, 2005RandomAdem 1 Comments

I finished reading ?Porno? by Irvine Welsh on Wednesday and now I?m bookless. The novel is a sequel to ?Trainspotting? which I must admit I?ve only seen on the big screen and not read but this gave me a great mental imagery of the characters and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Welsh?s use of dialogue [...]

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