January, 2006

January 26th, 2006Chichester, Life, ReligionAdem 8 Comments

I started this post a few days ago but it?s taken me a while to get around to finishing it. So anyway I was over at Pynchon?s blog when he spoke about a negative encounter with the Hare Krishna?s on the highstreet and their particular way of selling/donating books to young impressionable. This type of [...]

January 21st, 2006RandomAdem 7 Comments

Imagine it? I can but dream

January 20th, 2006RandomAdem 2 Comments

You may remember it was my birthday at the beginning of December and I did say that I would post some pictures but never got around to it. Well here are a few choice photos that maybe give you an idea of how the day went. [Dover ferry terminal] [Chris + other ferry sneaking into [...]

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