January, 2006

January 13th, 2006RandomAdem 1 Comments

How hot is my weather pixie looking today?! Hot Damn!

January 11th, 2006RandomAdem 7 Comments

SwissToni, Alecya, and Spins, have posted their tattoos on their blogs and so I thought that I ?d post a photo of mine and tell you a bit about when I got it done. When I finished university (2002) I was elected to Vice-President of the Students? Union (A paid sabbatical position) and started that [...]

January 9th, 2006RandomAdem 14 Comments

I?m back again! Well it?s no coincidence that I?m back at work and now I?ve got time to blog [I haven't actually got that much time as I've got loads of work to do, but there's always time to blog]. V came down on Wednesday for a few days and then I drove her back [...]

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