September, 2006

September 26th, 2006RandomAdem 0 Comments

When I haven?t got a lot to say on this blog I often turn to Youtube and whip out a tune from whatever music I?ve been listening to. I remember when I was a nipper and music wasn?t available on demand unlike today. Do you remember that? I either saw Top of the Pops which [...]

I?ve been busy for quite a while and haven?t managed to scour the internet to tell you about all the new and shiny things out there, but I have made one new discovery, and a fun one at that. The site in question is Xpert Eleven, billed as ?The Best Online Football Management Game With [...]

September 24th, 2006RandomAdem 4 Comments

Weird Al is back and this time with a bit of nerd-hop. [link found here] enjoy

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