April, 2007

April 26th, 2007MoneyAdem 5 Comments

I?ve been reading this article on the BBC website asking whether we really need the 1p coin considering that it has hardly any apparent value anymore. I am of the view that the small coins, one penny and 2 pence, will be around with us for a while until either of two things happen. The [...]

I haven?t been to the gym for almost 4 weeks due to illness and then injury, but I was finally able to go yesterday and do a bit of exercise. On my last visit to the gym they swiped my membership card and told me they couldn?t find my account which was quite odd as [...]

April 24th, 2007Life, Local News, MoneyAdem 7 Comments

The small town of Lochgelly in Fife finally joined the rest of the UK when it?s average house price rose to £104,738, meaning that every town in the UK has an average house price of at least £100,000 minimum. The overall average house price in the UK actually tops £200,000 now. I did a check [...]

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