May, 2007

May 15th, 2007LifeAdem 5 Comments

I was watching BBC News this morning and there was a brief snippet alluding to the fact that some schools, in this case a primary in Hackney, are bringing back the teaching of Latin (a quick search of the BBC website brought up this article.) ?It will help the children think about language and how [...]

May 13th, 2007Food & Drink, Going OutAdem 3 Comments

I?ve got a bit of a hangover today from the Stag Night?..and I really fancy something substantial to eat. Isn?t it weird how your body craves fatty greasy food in order to aid your temporary bout of alcohol poisoning. At the supermarket yesterday I decided against getting bacon, and boy am I regretting it now, [...]

It?s PT?s Stag Night (Bachelor Party for those from the US) on Saturday and as resident know-it-all it?s been my job to make him a shirt with all his favourite sayings on. I?ve been meaning to make the shirt for a while, but other things seem to have got in the way, so tonight when [...]

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