August 12th, 2009MoneyAdem 0 Comments

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve had to put a few things on my credit card and most of my savings have gone on the house and its renovations. This is debt that I will clear once I’ve finished spending on the house and have settled into a  routine, but for the moment it is debt, and I am getting charged for it. I managed to clear my previous debts completely a few years back by hopping around balance transfers which allowed me to pay back any money owed without having to pay interest and so I’ve been looking to do something like that.

I have the newsletter sent to my inbox and one of the links today was for 9 months balance transfer with Virgin and with 0% balance transfer fee. Bonus! Normally there is something like 3% of the amount transferred as a fee, and as I want to transfer around £1,250, my fee will have been £37.50. I thought it was worth applying, and after going thought the application process I have been approved and my balances will be transferred shortly.

This all means that I’ve saved money and it also gives me a deadline of 9 months to pay off my debt.

No Balance Fee... Bonus!

No Balance Fee... Bonus!


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