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I’ve been experimenting with niche sites and the whole idea of passive income through Google Adsense. Lost yet? Basically you need to find an area where there is not much info but plenty of demand, then create a website, monetise it (through adsense), and then watch the money roll in…

That’s the idea anyway but the hardest part is finding an area to focus on that hasn’t already been written about and that doesn’t already have high rankings in Google., If you do find an area though then you have to create a website, create good content, establish links and authority, and then work to get more visitors to your site and boost your ranking in search engines. If you can get to #1 for your keywords, and get lots of visitors, then by association a percentage of them will click on your Adsense banners and earn you money.

It sounds oh so simple doesn’t it? So far I’ve made my site, written lots of content, and am already getting visitors and clicks, but now I need to focus on increasing the authority of my site.

At some stage I’ll let you know what the site is and hopefully by that time it will be established enough to earn me some sort of income (passively) and I can let you know what the figures are like.

To truly earn larger amounts via Adsense you either need a mega-huge site, or need to have many smaller sites running at the same time and collectively earning you revenue. At this point I have only focused on the one site but am now researching more areas to add to my Adsense portfolio.

Hope you’re all fine and dandy :)


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  1. That is interesting and i can understand now why are keeping you niche site a secret. So we don’t all copy you.
    In addition to Mrs Tara Plumbing, which has no adsence and is in part an advert for my own company, I also have 3 blogspot blogs with adsence but they earn almost nothing.

    Admittedly the main purpose of those blogs is not to earn money anyway, I could probably change them quite a lot to make a bit more. I just agree with you that making money from bloging and adsence is a lot of work for the small money it brings in.
    Don’t give up the day job.
    And you have to enjoy doing it.
    You know I write a lot about plumbing and heating but I really enjoy researching the subject.
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  2. Aravis says:

    Best of luck to you! I hope it turns out well and earns you some extra money. :0)

  3. Adem says:

    Mrs TP – The thing with the niche sites is that you want to target areas that advertisers will pay good money for. It doesn’t really matter what the subject is, you just make the site and write content even if you don’t find it interesting at all. Top subjects are things that would attract adverts from credit card / insurance companies as they will pay more per click than someone advertising plumbing equipment for instance.

    You are right not to have adsense on your blog though as you don’t want people to leave the site for a rival advert when you wnat them to stay and maybe go to the taraheating site.

    As you say, any money is a bonus, but I’m hoping that I can get a few sites going and make some nice pocket money.

    Aravis – Thanks for the best wishes. Any money is a bonus and I’m probably going to be putting the money away into my wedding fund for next year (at least that’s what the fiancée says!).
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