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Google AdSense is the main source of revenue on my niche sites and when you?re looking at CTR (Click Through Rates), number of clicks, page views, CPC (Cost per Click), etc it?s pretty easy to become obsessed with the statistics and what your final earnings for the month will be. If you?ve read my monthly income reports then you will know I am obsessed and you will also know that I?ve seen a massive drop in my AdSense earnings over the past month.

Look to the positives

UK Adsense EarningsThe fact is that I do not depend on my niche site earnings, I already have a 9-5 job, and any extra money is a bonus, so I should be happy with any revenue that comes from these sites. In August I earnt £398.93 and the majority of that went into my savings, but this month I am well behind and will be happy to get to £100. One Hundred Pounds. Only. £100 isn?t actually too bad when you sit back and think about it, and I guess my views have been tainted slightly by my early success. If someone came and gave you £100 each month you?d be pretty happy I bet, or if someone bought you a sandwich and crisps for your lunch every day you?d be chuffed, so I really should start looking on the positives.

This is only the beginning

I?m only 5 months into this ?project? and can hardly say that I?ve put all my effort into it or that I spend every spare minute writing articles or creating backlinks, but it is working, I?m doing something right, and I?m earning money. The amount of money I can earn depends on several things:

  • The amount of sites I have ? Currently I?ve got 3 sites (not including this one) that are earning me money, with another couple hopefully ready to earn some money shortly. My aim is to have 10 sites up by the New Year and more sites, means more potential revenue. Don?t put all your eggs in one basket as I?m sure some of these sites won?t be amazing successes.
  • How they are created ? I have managed to streamline how long it takes me to create a site, such as knowing which plugins to use (see 11 Awesome WordPress Plugins For Your Niche Sites), and where best to place AdSense adverts, so I can get a website online much quicker than in the beginning.
  • How good the content is -I feel that I am now better equipped at writing articles and content and taking into consideration not only the reader but also how search engines view pages and what they are looking out for.
  • How good a niche is ? No niche is the same as another and you can go for BIG ones where the potential is huge but will require more work or you can go for smaller ones which are slow burners and earn you a small amount each month but require less work but are more dependable. I am opting for the latter.

These are just a few factors but it gives me the feeling that I can only improve with my sites and should be able to maintain my earnings at the very least, and should probably be able to increase my revenue due to the fact that more sites=more potential. There will be plenty of ups and downs so if you?re having a bad month don?t dwell on it too much as there are sure to be plenty more good months just around the corner if you put the work in.


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