My latest tweet: Finally updated to the new iPhone OS and it bricked the phone. Just as I feared but thank god for backups!


January 18th, 2012Money, Niche SitesAdem 1 Comments

Over the past month I have created a couple of websites focusing on Amazon Associates as the income generator rather than Google Adsense which I?ve used on my sites so far, and I though I would give you an update on my learnings so far. Google AdSense I?ve been using Google AdSense as my main [...]

December 7th, 2011Money, Niche SitesAdem 7 Comments

In this article I will show you one simple settings change you can make on your AdSense account which could increase your AdSense earnings on your niche sites. When conducting research for my niche sites I will look for keywords with a certain number of searches and a reasonably good cost-per-click value for the AdSense [...]

December 1st, 2011Money, Niche Sites, ReportsAdem 13 Comments

Welcome to my November 2011 income report! I?m not a super blogger yet and definitely not making a living from my niche sites but I am doing my best to make money in my spare time, after doing a full day?s work, and hoping that each month?s income brings me closer to being able to [...]

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