My latest tweet: @ @ That's why I'm in! Andy Q needs someone to drink and you can drive us around....


December 18th, 2006MoneyAdem 7 Comments

I was travelling back from Canterbury on Friday in my car, when a car coming from the opposite direction got a little too close to my car and clipped my wingmirror. Ok, nothing too bad except when you calculate that I was travelling at 30mph and they were travelling at 30mph, then that was a [...]

May 16th, 2006MoneyAdem 4 Comments

Oh my word! How simple was that? I?ve just rang up Orange, my mobile phone providers, so that I could ask to change my bills from Pay Monthly contract over to Pay As You Go, and it was amazingly simple. I usually expect to be kept waiting on hold a long time, and then when [...]

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