Why small niche sites will not make you rich

So this ‘making money online’ thing is harder than it seems! After selling my main earning site I’ve been left with a handful of smaller sites which last month only earnt me about £150 and without a lot of hard work that figure isn’t going to rise.

In my last post I spoke about ways I was going to improve my online earnings and I guess I’ve had a slight shift in that small niche sites really, most definitely, absolutely, are not the way to go due to quite a few factors.

  1. Too focused on one keyword
  2. Less topics to write content about
  3. Less searches
  4. Smaller earning potential
  5. Too easy to lose rankings due to algorithm changes in Google.
  6. Unable to create a ‘brand’
  7. Harder to promote and love

I guess those are the key factors of small sites. Yes, I’ve had some do very well in the past but with the EMD (Exact Match Domain) update they’ve lost a lot of visitors and I can’t see a potential of growth in my sites. They are still bringing in some money but nothing to shout about and aren’t worth putting in more effort to try and revive them. I probably need to draw a line after them all, and start from fresh.

I have one site I am currently working on that is going to have a lot of content and is hopefully going to be very useful too, but at the moment I’m working on content etc and am a long way from getting it launched.

I still want to have a personal project too and the other month I bought theturkishkitchen.co.uk with the aim of creating a recipe site. I’m half Turkish-Cypriot and love cooking, so what better way of having some fun? I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment so that’s on hold for now but I will get some content on there soon, especially as I’m visiting relatives over Easter in Northern Cyprus, so maybe I can pick up some recipes there?

So what’s the outcome of this post then? Well, fewer sites will hopefully mean more money, as the sites will be better, have more content, and rank better. Sounds simple eh?

That does leave me with quite a lot of domains that I’ve bought which are still useful for small niche sites, but not for what I want so what should I do with them? I think I’ll create a portfolio post next and see if anyone wants to buy some of them.

Till then….. see ya.