July, 2004

July 30th, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

I was browsing through my favorites (sic) and came across a few gems. Here’s one that I can go to again and again. Punk Rock Kittens

July 30th, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

Here’s a lovely recipe to add a bit of spice to bangers and mash. You’ll need: 1/2 Onion 1/2 Red Pepper 1 large red chilli pepper 1 OXO cube 1/3 Pint Boiling Water 2 splashes Olive Oil Slice the onion, pepper, and chile, and fry them with the olive oil in a small pan. After [...]

July 27th, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

Does anyone ever get that feeling to stop watching Telly, go outside to that mess you call a garden, pick up some tools, and put in some hard work so that even Alan Titchmarsh would be pround of you? Well about a month ago I moved back home and set myself a task of doing [...]

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