October, 2004

October 26th, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

What a shock. John Peel died today whilst on holiday in Peru.I’m not usually one to get shocked by celebrity deaths (what a terrible reflection on peoples attitudes nowadays) but this one hit me. I’ve got to say I wasn’t an avid listener to his shows but I’ve got to give him great respect in [...]

October 22nd, 2004RandomAdem 0 Comments

Fuck me!!! Check out this from the BBC site “MPs claim an average of £118,000 each a year from the public purse to cover travel expenses, and to run their offices and second homes.” “They are paid a £57,000 salary and can claim twice as much again for expenses.” “Prime Minister Tony Blair ran up [...]

October 21st, 2004RandomAdem 1 Comments

Wow. I had a really vivid dream last night and it felt really real. I can’t remember too much but the overriding thing was clocks, watches, and time. I shared this experience with the other people in the dream, and even though in the dream I thought I was dreaming I had woken up (in [...]

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