June, 2005

June 21st, 2005RandomAdem 2 Comments

Whilst I?m on my self-righteous tip, I might as well tell you that I?ve been recycling. I must admit that I didn?t really do that much until about 6 months ago. Previously I only went to the recycling centre every so often (usually after a large party with a car-bootfull of bottles) but now I?m [...]

June 20th, 2005RandomAdem 0 Comments

I was in Yahoo, just about to check my email, when the headline ?Goss claims he knows where Bin Laden Is?, my immediate Goss association was that from the former boyband Bros! Strangely it wasn?t???silly me.

June 20th, 2005RandomAdem 0 Comments

I love whales?..but I couldn?t eat a whole one!! ha ha ha! Well apparently this wouldn?t really go down as a joke in Japan, Norway, or Iceland, as they seem intent on overturning the 20 year ban on Whaling. In past years the votes in favour of whaling have gone up, with there needing to [...]

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