October, 2006

October 31st, 2006RandomAdem 8 Comments

Ah? a spare moment in the day. I?ve been at work from 9-4 today and then I?m back in from 5-12 which equals a very long day. I did try and leave at 2pm so I could have a few hours off but that never materialised. Tonight is the Halloween Party and I?ve got a [...]

October 30th, 2006RandomAdem 3 Comments

Aren?t digital cameras brilliant? I really do wish that I?d had one earlier in my life as there are so many events in my life that I wish I had more memories of. I wouldn?t say I have a bad memory it?s just that if I think certain information is irrelevant then I will dispose [...]

October 29th, 2006RandomAdem 5 Comments

Is it just me, or is blogger being a bit shit at the moment and not letting me post? [we'll see if this one gets out]. When I?ve tried to publish I get this: There were errors. 001 java.net.ConnectException: Connection refusedblog/28/44/5/ademblog/archives/2006_10_01_ademblog_archive.html I googled around and someone suggested trying to post through another browser, and voila [...]

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