October, 2007

October 15th, 2007ChichesterAdem 0 Comments

I lived in Chichester from 1999 until 2004 and all throughout that time it was known about the ?Chichester Rapist? as there had been a range of attacks in the area. Not a very nice topic but something that people had to be wary of as it was a University town and as such full [...]

The head is a little dull this morning after a few beers and ciders yesterday, but looking around on the web I can confirm that it wasn?t a dream, and that England did actually beat France yesterday, and that, yes, they are in the Rugby World Cup Final! How did that happen? From being no-hopers [...]

I?m aching a little today, but it?s a good ache as it means that I?ve been doing some exercise. I went to Rugby training on Wednesday for 2 hours and then yesterday I played 5-aside football for an hour, and it feels good. I haven?t had the time to do training etc lately and my [...]

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