January, 2010

January 25th, 2010Local News, RamsgateAdem 2 Comments

Euroferries will be the subject of an ?Inside Out? report to be broadcast on BBC1 on Monday 8th February @ 7:30pm and it will have a contribution from local author Jane Wenham-Jones, who you will remember wrote the article ?Ferry blog threat not exactly a PR triumph? (online article here originally published 20/11/09). Jane wrote [...]

Bloody ankles! I went along to Sunday football today, had a little knock-about whilst the team were warming up and it didn?t take long to get a pain in my ankle to signal that they are not better yet. I sprained the right one before Christmas, and then did something weird and muscular to the [...]

January 22nd, 2010Food & DrinkAdem 4 Comments

It?s a bit tight at this end of the month, but why should that mean I miss out on some lovely grub? Fast food doesn?t need to be expensive or unhealthy so yesterday I opted for Tortelloni Prosciutto (pasta with a pork and ham filling( and finished it off with a poached egg on top. [...]

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