February, 2010

We of Thanet love our history, due partly to the fact that we have so much of it here and one of the sights that greet visitors entering Thanet is the Viking Ship Hugin which is found at Pegwell Bay. I?m sure most of you know the history but just to recap in 1949 the [...]

February 17th, 2010Food & Drink, Health & FitnessAdem 2 Comments

I only ever have pancakes once a year, which actually amazed Jenny (an American whom I?m sure has them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), but yesterday I made some and it made me wonder why I don?t have them more? The fact is that it?s probably good I don?t have them that often as they [...]

February 16th, 2010Health & FitnessAdem 2 Comments

I thought I?d better make an appearance on the blog to let you know that I?m still alive (just) and am almost fully recovered from a throat infection I?ve had since Thursday. A couple of days off work, plenty of rest, and copious amounts of over-the-counter drugs seem to have done the trick. Along with [...]

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