February, 2010

February 10th, 2010Blog, Local NewsAdem 1 Comments

This week I?ve been happy to see that my good friend Hannah has started a blog and that it has got past the all too familiar ?single post then forget about it? stage that many blogs get too. In fact she has been rather prolific these past few days and it?s great to see someone [...]

Tonight Euroferries were featured on BBC 1?s Inside Out programme in an investigation by Glenn Campbell under the title of ?Will Euroferries start a new ferry service?? You will shortly be able to watch the programme on BBC iPlayer on this link. I?m not sure of the viewing figures for the programme but I?m sure [...]

February 8th, 2010Local News, RamsgateAdem 0 Comments

This is from Auntymoo in the comments section: Announcement was made today at 1pm. Norman Spirit to run out of Ramsgate and to be renamed Ostend Spirit. LD Lines in partnership with TEF, service to start approx 15th March !!! Whats next ? perhaps a fast craft to Boulogne or Ostend ???? ? Auntymoo 8th [...]

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