February, 2010

February 8th, 2010Local News, RamsgateAdem 2 Comments

As I mentioned in this post Euroferries will be the subject of tonight?s Inside Out programme (7:30pm on BBC1 South-East or Sky 983) where Glenn Campbell asks whether Euroferries will ever start a new ferry service from Ramsgate. It should make good viewing.

I?ve never really watched American Football before and have only got tastes of it from the movies (Last Boy Scout anyone?) which I doubt really gives a true representation of the sport. I do however know the basic rules of the game and always liken it to Rugby League for simplicities sake. Of course there [...]

February 5th, 2010Nature & EnvironmentAdem 5 Comments

I?ve always fancied growing my own fruit and veg, and here in the South of England we get enough good weather to make this possible. Quite a lot of seeds need to be planted in February/March time and what normally happens is that it gets to May, gets sunny, and then I start thinking about [...]

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