April, 2005

April 29th, 2005RandomAdem 1 Comments

It dawns on me that I don?t get up to as many capers and high jinks as I used to in my distant youth. I?m more responsible, I only drink one night a week, I have hobbies, and I try and look after my money. Let?s face it I?m turning into an old person. It [...]

April 26th, 2005RandomAdem 0 Comments

I had a very weird dream last night and it was one of those ones where you wake up quite a few times but immedietly fall asleep and back into the dream. I was very disorientated at the beginning and somehow there had been some type of catastrophe and basically all power and communications had [...]

April 24th, 2005RandomAdem 0 Comments

It passed by without a whimper. You may not even know it but yesterday was St. George?s Day (the Patron Saint of England), a day for celebrating England. I think their should be a national pride and having a special day is a way to educate people about England and its history but there is [...]

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