July, 2005

July 24th, 2005RandomAdem 1 Comments

Yesterday I went to the Sprite Urban Games at Clapham Common and it was quite nice to get away to the ?big smoke?. After parking a few train stops away from Clapham (we had been advised it?d be too busy to park in Clapham) and then travelling to Clapham we found that there were LOADS [...]

July 21st, 2005RandomAdem 1 Comments

I have no musical talent but when I was at Uni I used to do a bit of DJing. The equipment I used was a Numark CD Mixer and Player, not as prestigious as vinyl, but I still got to learn mixing, got a crowd going, and got to listen and play a huge range [...]

July 20th, 2005RandomAdem 1 Comments

Could you imagine a world without music? It?s amazing how music can reach you in ways that no other form can, and how it is constantly all around us. The only problem is that there is perhaps sometimes too much music that a lot of the ?real music? has been drowned out or polluted by [...]

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