August, 2007

So the TV is still broken(ish) but I?m still adamant that I?m going to fix it myself. I could get someone to come around and have a look at it but why pay money for someone else to have all the fun of making it work again when I can get just as much enjoyment [...]

?I will blog later today..? ? Me, 2 days ago Sorry about getting your hopes up there but here I am. I guess I?ll have to do one of my usual midweek catch-up posts?. Last Saturday I went to Herne Bay beach for a BBQ with my old boss. Very nice and relaxed, and good [...]

August 14th, 2007Blog, MusicAdem 3 Comments

I will blog later today but have been off the blogging circuit since the weekend and am lacking the motivation at the moment. Instead as ?filler? listen to this gem that I?d forgotten about completely but heard yesterday?.

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