August, 2007

August 23rd, 2007PhotographyAdem 2 Comments

I bought the Observer last Saturday, and as is the way with weekend papers I never really get the chance to read though all the sections, or simply skim and browse through them. Yesterday I made it to the ?Guide? section and came across some interesting weblinks. I love photography and wish I was a [...]

So my TV has been playing up, and I?ve finally mended it, and so I?m putting up this post in case anyone googles their way here to find a solution. I turned on my TV the other week and was confronted with the colour distorted into a strange circular/bullseye effect (see below). The picture was [...]

August 21st, 2007Health & Fitness, LifeAdem 4 Comments

The cat has perked up a bit and is eating again after going through a really low patch. I am happy, and all the things that annoyed me before are now quite reassuring such as moaning for food, or having a poo on the cat litter! It means everything is working a bit better again. [...]

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