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September 23rd, 2007Buying Stuff, Food & DrinkAdem 4 Comments

Over the week I?ve put in 72 hours at work (not including breaks?poor me.. and I will stop moaning now), and this has meant that I?ve had to grab food where I can which has meant mostly baguettes and paninis bought from the corner shop or the Uni bar, and so on Saturday I had a day off and decided to try something different.

I popped down to the local fishmonger on my bike? yes there still are some local amenities? and spent 5 minutes ?window shopping? and deciding what looked nice and after a while I opted for Black Sea Bream which looked beautiful in the window with its silver scales shimmering in the sunlight (wow?. lots of alliteration in that sentence!)
Black Sea Bream
I could?ve got it gutted there by the fishmonger but I wanted to keep the fish whole and prepare it by myself. I?ve never gutted a fish before but I had a look in a few cookery books and it was pretty simple, and so I followed the recipe on this page and made a very nice meal.
Black Sea Bream
I have to admit that I did try and fillet one of the Bream but it was a disaster and won?t try it again. The fillets ended up tiny and so I bunged them in the freezer and will probably use them in something like seafood spaghetti instead.
Black Sea Bream
I think that next week I?ll see what other nice fish they?ve got and experiment a little but still use the same technique as in the recipe.
Black Sea Bream

'4 Responses to ?Black Sea Bream?'
  1. Zumiweb says:

    That Rick Stein has a lot to answer for! Never fancied the gutting thing myself, but the end result looks like you managed ok? Good cartoon fishbone effect too.

  2. Adem says:

    The recipe is actually by Gennaro Contaldo. I got these fish from Penns, but I?ll have to check out the new fishmonger in the town centre to see what delights they?ve got.

  3. Cheezy says:

    Doubtless it?s the sort of thing that becomes easy with repetition, but I?ve always found gutting and filleting fish to be fiendishly difficult.

    Looked like a nice meal anyway.

  4. Adem says:

    The gutting was pretty easy, but filleting was a bitch.

    It?s much easier to cook the fish whole and let the meat fall off the bones and eat it then.