September, 2007

September 22nd, 2007Music, WorkAdem 4 Comments

hmmm… driving home at 1am after work and driving 60mph along country roads in the dark, listening to drum ‘n’ bass is a very odd experience. Not sure if it should be repeated. Very odd.

September 17th, 2007WorkAdem 1 Comments

It’s Monday morning and I should be well rested but the Freshers have arrived at Uni, and so yestersay, Sunday, I was working from 10am-2pm and then 3pm-12.20am. I am knackered after that, but the thing is that I’ve got this for all this week, except I’ll be working longer! I’ll be in work at [...]

Hmmm… apparently it’s pretty easy to fake a video…. [props to The Raw Feed]

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