September, 2007

I’ve quite enjoyed getting involved with Ramsgate FC and hopefully I’ve done my little bit to help a local club and along with that my local community. It’s also been nice to make new acquaintances as I’ve lately felt that my friendship group was getting a bit restricted and opportunities have been limited. As we [...]

September 2nd, 2007LifeAdem 2 Comments

God I’m bored! I suppose I could always tidy up but I think I’ll carry on watching Lord of the Rings on Channel 4 and then maybe get a Chinese later….. Rock & Roll!!

September 1st, 2007Buying Stuff, Technology, The WebAdem 4 Comments

My hosting with Heart Internet has now been cancelled (post here) and was, I’m glad to say, pretty easy. There is no ‘cancel hosting’ option and instead you have to send a message to Customer Services and then you get a personal reply and have to confirm your request. On 2007-08-29 17:49:08, you changed the [...]

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